In The News 2018

Rabbi Riskin Confers Halachic Authority, Communal Leadership on 3 Orthodox Women(The Jewish Press, 17-May-2018)

Sex offender rabbi to be honored at Lag B’Omer festival (The Times of Israel, 2-May-2018)

‘Ye know the heart of a foreigner’: Orthodox rabbis speak against expulsion (YNet News, 21-March-2018)

On Women’s Spirituality (The Times of Israel, 7-February-2018)

Beit Hillel: IDF not an army of the religious or the secular (Arutz Sheva, 18-January-2018)

Religious Zionist factions divided over calls to fire Eizenkot (Arutz Sheva, 18-January-2018)

Rabbi Aviner: Forbidden to enlist in IDF if women serve in unit (YNet News, 17-January-2018)

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